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Mekong Delta - a homey land with the spirit of nine dragons

Mekong Delta, or Western Region (Miền Tây), is believed to be the homely land of Vietnam, where you can encounter simple, friendly and welcoming locals. But have you ever wondered about the wonders that the Mekong Delta holds? Or which cities and provinces make up this remarkable region? Let’s find out what adventures are waiting for your kids and family in this blog!

family trip to vietnam
Exploring this homely land (Mekong Delta) with kids and family

1. Mekong Delta in the faith of local people

The Mekong Delta is the southernmost region of the Mekong River (starts from China and goes through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam), and it is considered the third-longest river in Asia. The Mekong Delta, which is the end part of this river, is divided into nine (9) different branches across the delta area. This unique geographical feature has earned it the Vietnamese nickname "Cửu Long," which translates to "Nine Dragons" (Cửu signifies nine, while Long represents dragon).

Day by day, the Mekong Delta has been steadily evolving, revealing its hidden treasures. Where once untamed flora and forests thrived during the early days of exploration, you now encounter stunning rice paddies and bountiful fruit gardens. The enchanting tale and unwavering belief in the nine dragons continue to flow alongside the rivers, gently and silently safeguarding the delta and its close-knit community of locals.

Cities and provinces in Mekong Delta

If you ever wonder whether your family can explore the Mekong Delta in one day, Chôm Chôm Travel would love to recommend a more leisurely approach for an exceptional experience in this captivating region. A longer duration is ideal for truly immersing yourself in the wonders of the Mekong Delta, as it encompasses a vast area in the southern part of Vietnam. With one National Central City , Cần Thơ, and 12 provinces, a trip of two days to a week is highly recommended. The 12 provinces are:

Every province in the Mekong Delta has hidden gems for you to discover. Therefore, your family and kids can have many exciting activities to experience in this family-friendly land. For instance, Bến Tre city is known as the coconut paradise of Vietnam where you can see coconut trees everywhere. From coconuts, the locals craft a multitude of useful and delightful creations, making the coconut tree an invaluable resource for the city's inhabitants.

Cycling around the area will give you a fascinating insight into how people make coconut products. As you pedal along, the delightful aroma of coconuts will fill the air, leaving an unforgettable impression on your senses. This experience will ensure that whenever the sweet scent of coconuts lingers in the air, you will be reminded of Bến Tre.

Exploring the Mekong Delta with kids and family
The local man in Bến Tre is peeling the coconut

2. How to enjoy the Mekong Delta as a family with kids?

If you’re an active family, you can try cycling experience with Chôm Chôm Travel in the Mekong Delta. As a delta region, the cycling routes here are flat and perfect for all ages, making it a kid-friendly activity. On a sunny day, cycling through the coconut tree lines, rice paddies, dragon fruit gardens, and encountering the locals will surely fill your hearts with smiles, positive energy, and unique memories.

Your kids and family can also learn how to make a type of Vietnamese noodle and join the local cuisine cooking class. Exploring the Mekong Delta is incomplete without experiencing the vibrant floating markets, a true highlight of your trip! There has been a growing concern that these unique markets may gradually fade away within the next 5-10 years, as the locals no longer frequent them for their buying and selling needs. In the spirit of supporting and uplifting local businesses, why not embark on an extraordinary adventure with Chôm Chôm Travel and embrace the magic of the floating market? Don't miss out on this opportunity to engage with local culture and help preserve this cherished tradition!

If you and your family are seeking a relaxing trip, a 2-day-1-night cruise is the ideal choice for you! Embark on a sampan cruise from Cái Bè to Cần Thơ, where you'll spend two days exploring local markets, learning fishing techniques, and witnessing breathtaking river sunsets. This experience guarantees to create lasting memories for your family.

voyage au vietnam en famille
Family is relaxing on the cruise in Mekong Delta

3. Mekong Delta is more than the rice paddles

The Mekong Delta, renowned as Vietnam's largest rice growing region, offers more than what meets the eye!

After some adventurous or relaxing days around the rice fields and river, your family can extend your Mekong Delta trip by going deeper into the residential area and immersing yourself in the local life!

You can go to Châu Đốc (An Giang), which is called the spiritual land of the Mekong Delta. In Châu Đốc, you can see the diverse cultures from the mix of Vietnamese, Khmer, Hoa, and Cham communities, and experience mắm (fermented fish/seafood) in the local market. Fun fact, Châu Đốc is located near the Vietnam-Cambodia border, making it a convenient starting point for your adventure into Cambodia. Partnering with Siem Reap A La Carte, we offer seamless travel experiences allowing you to explore Southeast Asia's best. Embark on an enriching journey and discover the wonders of Cambodia alongside your Vietnamese exploration.

If you want to extend your stay and delve deeper into Vietnam, consider a convenient flight or boat journey from Cần Thơ to the captivating Côn Đảo Island. Additionally, we offer transportation to Rạch Giá (Kiên Giang) where you can hop on a speed boat to the pristine shores of Phú Quốc Island and enjoy the most beautiful beaches.

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