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Sampan Cruise In Mekong Delta

Jumping on this kid-friendly adventure, your family will have a chance to take a closer look at local life in the Mekong Delta by discovering the local markets (or seeing some random floating boats selling things), joining local traditional fishing instruction, and last but not least, enjoying the local cuisine. Your family cannot thoroughly enjoy this cruise without experiencing the authentic local culinary delights!


The best memory you can have on this cruising adventure is experiencing the mesmerizing sunrise or sunset. Imagine waking up to the warm sunshine, quietly slipping through the door, or simply relaxing on the cruise, watching the breathtaking sunset and listening to the enchanting sounds of Mekong Delta life in the late afternoon.

Mekong-Delta-Sampan-Cruise (1) (1).jpg
Mekong-Delta-Sampan-Cruise (1).jpg

This cruise experience is 2 days long, including:


Day 1:


Your kids and family will depart from Cái Bè port (Tiền Giang) to start your adventure on a cruise in Mekong Delta. You will have lunch on the cruise, and have a great time discovering Sa Đéc after that. By flowing along the gentle Mekong River, you will see many flower gardens where the locals take care of flowers and plants for sale. 


When your family reaches Cần Thơ, you will explore this area thoroughly by jumping on a small boat ride and sailing through the canals, surrounded by nature. And hopefully, you and your kids will end your first day by watching the magnificent sunset over the Mekong!


You will have dinner and stay on the boat overnight!​

Day 2:

The dawn of this homey land will wake you up to start your second great day exploring Mekong Delta on the cruise. Waking up at sunrise, your family can observe the most beautiful colours of the Mekong River. You and your kids will join one of the 3 biggest floating markets in Cần Thơ - Cái Răng floating market. Breakfast will be served on your boat, accompanied by the beautiful smiles of the river vendors!


Let's enjoy these last few hours on your Sampan and head to Son Islet, a small hidden island where you can taste Vietnamese cakes and experience fishing.

Around 11 AM, your family will return to Cần Thơ and finish your wonderful 2-day journey in Mekong Delta.

Mekong-Delta-Sampan-Cruise (3).jpg
Mekong-Delta-Sampan-Cruise (2).jpg
Mekong-Delta-Sampan-Cruise (4).jpg
Mekong-Delta-Sampan-Cruise (5).jpg


  • The cruise journey is from Tiền Giang (Cái Bè) to Cần Thơ

  • A kid-friendly local guide (English/French speaking guide) will assist you along your journey.


Fee (including meals on the cruise, French/English speaking guide):

  • The price is determined by the departure location, the number of people, and the customised activities.

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