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Along the Mekong River, by Bicycle!

Departing from Hồ Chí Minh City (a.k.a Sài Gòn) and going on a two-day bicycle tour with your kids and family in the Mekong, The Kingdom of Coconuts!


In the open air and without time constraints, this free ride will take your family off the beaten track, close to local life, through traditional villages, rice fields and rivers. You and your kids will sleep in the homes of friendly locals in private rooms. On the second day, your family will walk and discover the Mekong Delta's inhabitants' daily life, handicraft and agricultural activities, and some small hidden houses.


Day 1

Your family will depart from Sài Gòn to a traditional café, 1 hour away, to meet our local guide, collect and adjust your bikes. Then, our family-friendly guide will assist your and start your cycling day.


You will embark on from Cần Thơ: on narrow, elevated paths that offer impressive views of the surrounding area, admire the rice fields and landscapes of the Mekong region. After that, your family will continue your adventure and see the architectural styles of the Khmer ethnic houses and the beautiful lotus flowers of Bà Om Pond.


Your family will spend a night at a local homestay, among the countryside, in a bamboo bungalows; have dinner at their local restaurant that offers authentic Mekong cuisine.


​Day 2

You will get back on your bike and start cycling more to the south. Throughout the day, you will ride through the Trà Vinh area and then to Bà Om Pond, built by the Khmers about 100 years ago. Your family will see the rice fields along the way! Once in Tiểu Cần, you and your kids will board a ferry to Sugar Cane Island and cycle through the sugar cane plantations. You will take another ferry and cross the Mekong River for the second time that day to Sóc Trăng. Your family will have time to enjoy lunch at a restaurant on the waterfront.


Your cycling adventure in Mekong Delta will finish by transfer ing to a hotel in the centre of Cần Thơ town after the bike tour.​


The price is determined by the departure location, the number of people, and the customised tour.

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