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Support Local in Vietnam

Let’s spread the love to the place we love - Vietnam. 🇻🇳

The Beginning of Kid ÁO

After founding Chôm Chôm Travel with the mission to encourage people to do sustainable travel in Vietnam, our founder - Dorothée wanted to do something to support local communities as part of that mission effectively. Once she travelled to the Vietnamese Highlands, she experienced a heartbreaking situation by observing kids missing essential clothing and toys. This affected her, so she started a charity project supporting Vietnamese communities. She shared the idea with some friends to found Kid ÁO, the social project of Chôm Chôm Travel.


Kid ÁO is a charity project to collect donations of clothing, toys and household items such as blankets. Once the items have been sorted and boxed, they are sent to the children and people of ethnic groups in the remote highland areas in Vietnam. In addition, Kid ÁO doesn't stop at collecting clothes and toys, but we also want to do something more sustainable and have a long-term advantage such as encouraging local kids to start and pursue education such as donating books.

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Thanks to our devoted volunteers and supporters

Chôm Chôm Travel is pleased to take responsibility for transportation and media. Meanwhile, from the very first days of Kid ÁO, Chôm Chôm Travel are grateful to meet and work closely with our loveliest volunteers for the project - Camille BOURDEAU  and Nathalie SZUFLAK. They are the ones who are responsible for collecting clothes and toys… organise and pack items. They also go to meet and give clothes and toys to local kids sometimes. Seeing the children's smiles where Kid ÁO has visited always makes the team emotional and inspires us to keep doing what we're doing. Their pure smiles make our hearts melt and have given our volunteers a great impression:

“In their smile and their eyes, we could read their immense gratitude. Our hearts melted when we saw little children grabbing fabric-soft toys and hugging them tightly towards their chests." - Camille & Nathalie.

Besides, we are happy to get support from many people, companies, and organisations such as EPVN, AGS, Santa Fe Relocation, and Les Enfants du Dragón... for letting us put our posters about the project, finish the paperwork, or donate boxes to pack items.

Sustainable support for the bright and pure smiles of local kids

Most local Vietnamese kids living in remote areas, especially those who are from minor ethnic communities, are often absent from daily/basic garments and toys due to the locations they are living in, and their financial circumstances... Moreover, kids from these areas often quit school to work or get married at young ages. To join a hand in encouraging kids to follow their education path for a brighter and happier future, Kid ÁO desires to give them clothes to go to school, toys to play with when they get back home, blankets to warm their sleep, and books to explore the world.


Since the beginning, we have collected and sent clothes and toys to several destinations across the country, from North to South. In June 2023, We first collected children's and teenagers’ books and sent them to a local library in Kon Tum to encourage local kids to follow education.


Sharing the value of Chôm Chôm Travel

More than a side project, we would love to spread this precious spirit to our Chôm Chôm Travellers by supporting the locals where we travel, not just with clothes or toys but also for sustainable development. With our Chôm Chôm Community support, we can join by bringing and spreading love to Vietnam.

Summary of Kid ÁO project (until September 2023)

  • Inaugurated in 2022

  • Organised by only 2 volunteers: Nathalie and Camille.

  • Supported by Chôm Chôm Travel and other donors.

  • Start a new project every quarter.

  • From December 2022, we have spread love to…

    • December 2022: Clothes to Sapa & Hà Giang.

    • March 2023: Clothes to Vietnam's Central Highlands - Kon Tum & Bảo Lộc.

    • June 2023: Books to a remote village Kon Tum.


To get the latest update for the on-going project of Kid-ÁO, follow us on Instagram - @chom_chom_travel or @kidao_vietnam. Thank you to everyone who has shared and supported the project since the beginning. We are extremely excited to announce Kid ÁO's next destination soon!

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