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Chom Chom Travel Dorothee

I love bringing my family along to challenging activities to feel we can accomplish things as a family and have amazing quality time together. I also love meeting people, listening to stories from the locals, getting inspired by other cultures.


Founder & CEO

I’m proud of Vietnamese culture and cuisine. There are a lot of dishes that varies from the north to the south. For example noodles, they may seem simple, but they can be prepared in countless ways! Also, my favourite place in Saigon is the streets where I can enjoy street food! It's easily accessible and comes at an affordable price for a delicious  meal.

Chom Chom Travel

Hạnh V.

​Operations Manager

Chom Chom Travel

For me, travel means getting away from the real world, slowing down, and living every second to the fullest. Travel takes me out of my comfort zones, enriches my mind, and educates me far beyond any textbook. In the end, I can see myself living more properly, more mature, and more independently.

Hương N.

Junior Operations Executive

Last year, I had a travel experience in Huế and Phú Yên City with my college friends and teacher. In Phú Yên, I liked the feeling of biking in the afternoon along the beach and drinking fresh coconut and tram in the square in the evening. In Huế, the dreamy ancient city is one of my favorite places. I like the atmosphere in Minh Mạng temple because the day I visited it, was a rainy day and the scenery looked like a historic movie perfectly complemented by the melodies of Trịnh Công Sơn's music.

Chom Chom Travel

Thương N.

Junior Operations Executive

Chom Chom Travel

The most memorable moment while travelling was the trek with the CCT team in March. When we did the last section, a trek through the rainforest after going up and down a couple of hills, I could barely breathe, and that was terrifying. But I felt much better quickly after resting, and I thought it was a milestone to remember that I can do more than I think.

Khoa P.

Digital Marketing Executive

I love Saigon, it’s my second home. I love to have a walk at sunset time along the river in District 3 during the weekends! Families like to play badminton and have a fresh tea there.

Chom Chom Travel

Justine N.

Marketing and Communication Intern

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