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Cẩm Nguyễn: The passion to show the beautiful Vietnam has snapped in her for a long time!

Updated: Oct 12

While Cẩm, a local guide with Chôm Chôm Travel in Phú Yên, didn't initially pursue a career in tourism, little did she know that her passion for travel and sharing the beauty of Vietnam had been growing since her early years. Let's get to know Cẩm Nguyễn, our kid-friendly guide from Phú Yên, in this blog!

voyage au vietnam en famille
Cẩm Nguyễn - Chôm Chôm Travel guide in Phú Yên
“Hi, I’m Cẩm. I was born and raised in the countryside, about 10 km away from Tuy Hòa City. My family is big with 8 children and I’m the youngest. Do you think it’s a big family? :)”

Cẩm said: "It came to me naturally…"

(Video will be added here) Cẩm didn't choose to study tourism when she enrolled in college or when she started working after graduation. In fact, she worked as an accountant eight years ago; however, the job didn't truly fulfil her. Meanwhile, she admired Vietnamese people who could speak and understand English, so she began learning English in small groups. Little did she know that her career in tourism was about to unfold.

While attending English study groups, she had the opportunity to learn about a group of college students who offered free tours to foreigners to improve their English speaking skills. She joined them, and after a while, she realised her passion for it. She enjoys introducing foreigners to the beauty of Vietnam.

The passion was silently nurtured by Cẩm's hometown

Cẩm was born and raised in a small peaceful town with the pure beauty of the countryside and the simple life of the friendly locals. Growing up in the embrace of a rustic lifestyle, her silent passion for sharing the beauty of her hometown with others has blossomed.

Moreover, tourism has been instrumental in supporting her hometown by creating diverse job opportunities for the local community. It has spurred the establishment and growth of sustainable tourism (a key motivation for her to work with Chôm Chôm Travel). Additionally, it has provided local college students pursuing careers in tourism with valuable opportunities to work closely with foreigners, expand their job prospects, and foster a deeper sense of pride in their country - Vietnam!

family trip to vietnam
Dynamic and colourful life in Phú Yên

By pursuing the tourism career, Cẩm loves how she can experience and explore the world, as well as learn about different cultures and diversity of the world. However, her greatest goal is to show the beauty of her hometown and Vietnam.

Besides her hometown in Phú Yên, Hạ Long Bay is her second favourite destination in Vietnam. This is not an easy choice for her, because there are too many excellent landscapes across the country. However, Hạ Long Bay impresses Cẩm with the majestic karst islands and the emerald colour of the sea,... it’s the world’s wonder! In addition, she can’t wait to explore all the marvellous yet mysterious caves in Hạ Long Bay with her adventurous spirit!

Proudly share with the world her brilliant Vietnam!

Vietnam is an extraordinary travel destination, catering to everyone, including families with children. It boasts stunning natural beauty, a rich and ancient culture, and exceptional local cuisines. Cẩm is proud to say that every day in Vietnam is a new journey! There is a saying that Vietnam is a country that has “the golden forest, the silver sea”, which means the country has an excellent gift from nature!

There is a wide range of destinations with diverse vibes to explore, from her peaceful hometown with green fields to ancient cities like Hà Nội and Hội An, and dynamic cities like Sài Gòn. Beyond that, embarking on a journey to explore Vietnamese cuisines and connect with the locals is also a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

“Don’t delay your chance to travel to Vietnam! Life is short. Let’s enjoy and explore my country, Vietnam, as soon as possible!”

The bond of commitment to practise sustainable tourism!

welcome to Vietnam
Dorothée and Cẩm in Phú Yên

Cẩm is delighted to be part of Chôm Chôm Travel thanks to our commitment to practising sustainable tourism. She appreciates the support and opportunities Chôm Chôm Travel has offered her.

“I am proud to work with a travel agency that has a wide vision and aims to develop sustainable tourism in Vietnam.”

Travelling to Vietnam, especially with your kids and family, is a brilliant journey that will create lifelong memories about a magnificent country! To create an adventurous journey to hospitable Vietnam with your kids, let’s drop us a message to take the first step of your journey:

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