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Phú Yên - a hidden gem from heaven among Vietnam’s Central Coast

Vietnam is so much more than just Hanoi, Saigon, or Đà Nẵng! Join Chôm Chôm Travel and embark on an exploration of a hidden gem nestled along Vietnam's Central Coast - Phú Yên! It's a true gift from heaven waiting to be discovered.

Family tripto Vietnam
Emerald hushed beach in Phú Yên, Vietnam

A shining welcome to Phú Yên after the long night train

Phú Yên is a province located in Vietnam's Central Coastal area, bordering the north of Nha Trang. It is nestled alongside one of Vietnam's most stunning coastlines and is surrounded by four other provinces/cities: Quy Nhơn, Pleiku, Buôn Ma Thuột, and Nha Trang.

To reach Phú Yên from Sài Gòn (or Hồ Chí Minh City), you can take a late-night train. After a restful night on the train, you and your family will wake up to the breathtaking coastal views of Phú Yên at dawn! It feels like stepping out of a dark tunnel and being greeted by a mesmerising view, just like a scene from a fairy tale. The warm welcome of Phú Yên after the overnight train journey will soothe your heart, offering a sweet escape from the bustling and hustle of Sài Gòn.

voyage au vietnam en famille
Phú Yên’s peaceful fishing village

Wonderful hushed beaches in Phú Yên

Phú Yên is not too far from Nha Trang, yet it manages to maintain a quiet and clean coast. Exploring Phú Yên will give you and your family a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. This province is filled with numerous hidden gems, allowing your family to embark on an exciting journey amidst peaceful and serene surroundings. The wind-swept beaches with their emerald shades will leave you awe-struck, creating an unreal, breathtaking, and truly fantastic experience of Vietnam. Moreover, Phú Yên offers a range of accommodation options for your family to enjoy the best vacation days here, from authentic and comfortable local homestays to private villas.

Mystery life under the sea of Phú Yên

There is a very interesting underwater activity in Phú Yên that your family should not miss out on - snorkelling! Thanks to the clean and crystal ocean, you can easily dive beneath the surface and explore the wonders of marine life. Don't worry if you cannot swim! Our lovely and friendly local guide will assist you thoroughly.

voyage au vietnam en famille
Snorkelling in Phú Yên with Chôm Chôm Travel local guide

Adorable Phú Yên fishing villagers

Rising early in the morning, around 4 AM (it may sound crazy, but it’s absolutely worth it!), and taking a walk to the nearby fishing village to witness a very different lifestyle of the locals is a very interesting experience.

Not only in Phú Yên but also across Vietnam, people in fishing villages often begin their day very early. Vietnamese individuals typically visit markets in the morning to purchase fresh goods, and fishing boats return to land during the early hours. The fishermen supply the local merchants with freshly caught seafood, ensuring that it is available for sale in the local markets. You and your kids can observe how people bargain and strive to obtain the freshest and finest seafood for optimal sales.

Your family can buy some fresh fish, squids, or shrimp on the beach, then take them to a nearby market and give them to Bánh xèo ladies. They will make you the best Bánh xèo Hải sản (Vietnamese Seafood Pancakes) ever! Watching and immersing yourself in this dynamic early morning life while the sun is rising is surely a very unique and unforgettable memory for your journey in Vietnam.

support local business
Purchasing seafood in the early morning in Phú Yên

Last but not least, after a long day exploring this marvellous province, your family can return to your accommodation on the coastal path and catch the beautiful sunset view from there. What can be more relieving than being embraced by the majestic beauty of nature after a long and exciting day (?).

family-friendly destinations in Vietnam
Sunset from Phú Yên’s coastal path

When is the best time to explore Phú Yên?

The best time to visit Phú Yên is from January to August. During the spring season, from January to April, the weather is pleasant with no rain and moderate temperatures, making it ideal for you and your kids to explore this beautiful coastal province. However, if you want to experience the authentic sunny and breezy atmosphere of Vietnam's Coastal Central region, don't hesitate to visit from April to August and have an amazing summer vacation!

The more time you spend in Phú Yên, the deeper your love for this place will grow! So take your time and embrace the concept of slow travel as you immerse yourself in the sunny, breezy, and welcoming ambience of this land.

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