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Vietnam Adventure in April - Where to go?

Updated: Mar 24

If the cloudy skies and cold weather during the winter months are getting you down, imagine a beautiful sunny April that invites you to get out into the outdoors: from beach getaways to breathtaking trekking and cycling routes to the rustic villages or hidden waterfalls… sounds like a dream, doesn't it? 

The best part is, that dream of yours can be a reality in Vietnam!

Whether you're a solo traveler keen to conquer hidden gems in Asia, a couple seeking a romantic getaway, a family with kids dreaming of a stress-free itinerary, or a group of friends hungry for off-the-beaten-path experiences, April in Vietnam has something extraordinary to offer. 

What is Vietnam’s weather like in April? 

As the temperature increases significantly in the South with high humidity, it’s ideal to enjoy the mild weather up North, or take in the cooler weather in the Central where comfortable sunny days on the beach and for outdoor activities are a-plenty! 

Keep in mind that, if you’re traveling towards the end of the month, expect some rainfall in the North and South of Vietnam as it enters the rainy season. 

Craft your April adventure with our top-picked Vietnam destinations

Yên Bái: Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Adventure Awaits: Join a local expert on an adventurous trekking route through the remote villages of Mù Cang Chải or Trạm Tấu, where you can explore the charm of the traditional culture of the Mông people and vibrant rice terraces. Be more ambitious to conquer the Tà Xùa Peak at 2,865 meters above sea level and celebrate this achievement with the majestic “sea of clouds”. Fun motorbike dirt roads or a picnic at a hidden waterfall also awaits your group to take part in, offering a truly unforgettable travel experience.

What Specialty to Try: Be sure to indulge in the specialty Shan Tuyết tea - a local delicacy offering a taste of Yên Bái's rich heritage. Our local guide in Yên Bái can also take you to visit the tea gardens and experience this interesting harvesting process.

2 pictures of 1 man trekking in the forest with mosses on trees, and a group of people trekking through a mountainous area that looks like the dinosaur spine on their way to reach Ta Xua Peak in Yen Bai
Would you be the next person to go through a mysterious forest and the “Dinosaur Spine” and conquer Tà Xùa Peak?

Cát Bà: An Escape to Islands Paradise

Adventure Awaits: Stay overnight on a private junk boat of your own that sets sail on Lan Hạ Bay - an ultimate Hạ Long Bay alternative as we all know how Hạ Long Bay is getting overcrowded! Come and enjoy the incredible beauty of the pristine islands, kayaking through caves, and a romantic dinner on the cruise over a breathtaking sunset. This is one of our most requested destinations (Our travelers didn’t know about Lan Hạ Bay at first but were convinced!) for those who seek relaxation with tranquility and a bit of cultural exploration of the fishing village in the early morning by cycling.

If you have more time on Cát Bà Island, a day trek to Cát Bà National Park is something you wouldn't want to miss out on, especially for nature and history lovers - yes there used to be a military base of Vietnamese soldiers here.

A private cruise for a day and enjoying the marvelous blue ocean view in Lan Hạ Bay from the sundeck.
Imagine having a private cruise for a day and enjoying this marvelous ocean view in Lan Hạ Bay from the sundeck.

“Thanks a lot for the great suggestion in persuading us to come here instead of Ha Long Bay. The exclusivity with no one around makes it even more stunning! We had such memorable times exploring Vietnam's exotic and underrated beauty.” - Pendyala’s Family - Chôm Chôm Travelers in 2023

Hà Giang: Immerse in Authentic Culture and Scenic Treks

You might have heard of the legendary Hà Giang Loop being viral all over the internet, which to us, has become an over-touristed attraction, overshadowing the other areas of Hà Giang.

Adventure Awaits: We would have never been able to explore the remote areas of Hà Giang, which are true hidden gems, without the guidance of a local native. Our guide is an expert in navigating through the forests, leading us to streams, waterfalls, and lush green bamboo forests beside the vibrant rice fields. Your destinations are different villages where the warmest family meals and the most welcoming smiles await.

A family trekking in a bamboo forest on a sunny day in Ha Giang's hidden route with a local guide. While they stopped for a photoshoot, the sun climbed the trees with everyone smiling
Along the beautiful long trek, don't forget to have some fun in nature!

Cultural Immersion: Among the friendly local ethnic communities that barely speak English, the language barrier seemed not to exist at all. We truly felt welcomed to be a part of their everyday life, from spending lovely times in family meals that are on the ground because no tables could hold us all with an extended family, to sharing their amazing culture of traditional customs and outfits and even thrilling karaoke nights!

A family taking picture in the Mong's ethnic traditional clothes in Ha Giang Vietnam
A truly memorable moment in Hà Giang is trying out the Mông's traditional outfits and learning more about their meanings.

“The trekking was intense for a couple in their 60s. And even with the jetlag, our super guide Chien knew how to adapt well. He was so friendly, funny, and adapted to our pace. We were surprised at how knowledgeable he was about everything. Without him, our trip wouldn’t have been the same!”- Couturier's Family  - Chôm Chôm Travelers in 2023

Hội An: A Journey into Cultural Delights

Adventure Awaits: Hội An is known for its charming Ancient Town with colorful lanterns and funny basket boat rides, but that's not all! For adventurous spirits, a bike ride through the scenic countryside offers glimpses of rural life and peaceful landscapes. Then immerse yourself in diverse activities of Vietnamese culture through an authentic cooking class with a chef, or traditional craft workshops of mask or kite painting for fun times spent with your kids while having your own unique souvenirs from Vietnam to bring back home. 

A chef holding a crab to show the travelers joining her cooking class about how to pick the right ingredients at a local market in Hoi An, Vietnam
Follow our Vietnamese chef to pick up fresh local ingredients at the market before your cooking class starts.

What Specialty to Try: Your visit to Hội An would be incomplete without having a bowl of Cao Lầu which has tender noodles, savory broth, and flavorful sliced pork. Go order one (or even more) for yourself at our favorite restaurant in town “Cao lầu Bá Lễ”.

A bowl of Cao Lau Noodles from Hoi An Vietnam - yellow noodles with chilli sauce, special sauce, pork, mint leaves, lemon and more
Cao Lầu - a must-try dish that captures the essence of this historic city's culinary heritage. Credit - VNExpress

Turn your adventure dreams into reality with local experts at Chôm Chôm Travel

Ready for the most epic adventure in Vietnam’s hidden gems this April? Let our local experts take care of all the details, ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable journey for you and your loved ones. Our local guides are not only experts at their hometowns - your destinations - but also great with kids, making traveling with your little ones or a multi-generational family much more fun and easier.

From the most fun and adventurous activities to engaging with local people and savoring the flavors of authentic cuisine, we'll help you create memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Our private city day tours in Hà Nội and HCMC (including the Củ Chi Boat Tour) must be booked 3 days in advance during our working hours from Mon-Fri.

  • To have your personalized itinerary crafted by our local experts, please let us know 10 days before your travel date (applicable for journeys from 2 days and above)

  • Our organized adventures to the Mekong Delta require a minimum of a 1-night stay.

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