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The top 6 kid-friendly beaches in Vietnam for a family trip!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

It would be ideal for you and your children to spend some quiet days on the beaches after going on adventures to discover lovely Vietnam. This blog will assist you in understanding the beautiful and family-friendly beaches in Vietnam for you and your family.

1. Côn Đảo Island

voyage en famille vietnam
A hidden gem beach in Vietnam - Côn Đảo Island

Côn Đảo was a historical island in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. It is well-known for the narrative of a death-or-glory heroine - Võ Thị Sáu, who showed her loyalty by singing the Vietnamese national anthem before the enemy's weapon.

The Vietnamese military protects the island, the beauty of nature is conserved, and there are almost no massive constructions. Therefore, you can truly unwind and enjoy this peaceful coastline.

Côn Đảo is one of the most stunning beaches in Vietnam, with wonderful beaches and sea life that will make you feel like you're visiting a magical fairyland in real life.

Your children and family can easily observe turtles crawling slowly on the coast or discover them giving birth and returning to the ocean. In addition, you can also go diving or snorkelling here and explore the beauty of a shoal of barracuda, dugong or other tropical sea life.

You can get here by boat from Vũng Tàu, and Cần Thơ, or by plane from Hà Nội, Đà Nẵng, Sài Gòn, and Cần Thơ.

2. Quy Nhơn Coast

Relaxing after adventure for a family trip to Vietnam
Quy Nhơn Coast

While talking about beaches in Vietnam, people often mention Đà Nẵng or Nha Trang, but no one mentions other beautiful and less touristic beaches like Quy Nhơn. Quy Nhơn is a remote coastal province, with no tourist crowds and is surrounded by forest hills. This is a perfect place to do slow travel by strolling along the endless beaches and watching the life of fishing villages along the coast. In the peace of Quy Nhơn, you and your kids can have a relaxing week to immerse yourself in the local life, learn the difference between marlin and mackerel, and discover the monuments of ancient Champa civilisation.

There's also a beautiful beach in Quy Hòa, where the former Leproserie de Quy Hòa Hospital was. This hospital was founded in 1929 by a French priest who cared for many people afflicted with leprosy in Bình Định. Now, it's an interesting destination for travellers to visit and learn about the scientists who dedicated their careers and lives to help the locals in Vietnam. Vietnam's first modern romantic poet - Hàn Mặc Tử spent his last year of life and passed away at 28 here.

There were many compliments of his work, and one of his poems was translated to French by Arfuyen publisher, called Le Hameau Des Roseaux - Đây thôn Vĩ Dạ. This poem was published in Vietnamese in 1938, and it's about Hàn Mạc Tử's first love, a girl who lived in Vĩ Dạ village (Huế) at that moment. Here is a piece from that poem in French:

“Rêve le voyageur sur la route lointaine, lointaine …

Ta robe est par trop blanche, je ne la discerne pas

Ici les êtres sont voilés de brume et de fumée

Qui connaît la profondeur d'un tel amour ?"

From Hanoi and Saigon, it takes you around one and a half hours (1.5) to reach Quy Nhơn. To explore this hidden gem in a unique way, contact us!

3. Vĩnh Hy Bay

Détente après l'aventure pour un voyage en famille au Vietnam
A hidden gem of Vietnam's central coast - Vĩnh Hy

Vĩnh Hy is a hidden gem of Vietnam's central coast, with little development in tourism. It is neither crowded nor polluted, you and your family can enjoy snorkelling to discover life under the ocean, climbing to mountaintops, and trying fresh seafood. It is one of the top 4 beautiful bays in Vietnam!

Vĩnh Hy is 100 km further south of Nha Trang, and it takes about 2 hours to get there. On the way, you can stop to watch the spectacular landscapes from Nha Trang to Vĩnh Hy.

4. Cát Cò beaches - Cát Bà Island

Relaxing on the beach on a family trip to Vietnam
Cát Cò beach in Cát Bà Island

After cruising with us on our 2 or 3-day cruise, you may want to lie down, relax and enjoy your vacation more. A brilliant way to do that is to stay on Cát Bà Island for 1- 2 days and explore the peace on Cát Cò. There are 3 beaches your kids, and your family can experience and discover.

People frequently visit this island for an ocean cruise and then depart. However, you can do many other activities with your family here, such as cycling, trekking, or simply relaxing. Laying on the beach, basking in the sun, listening to the waves, and admiring the beauty of scenery you might not have seen on the ship. It's the best therapy session for releasing your tension and the best way to spend your vacation!

After exploring Cát Bà Island, you can easily explore more of the northern area of Vietnam by visiting Hà Nội - Vietnam's capital or going to a remote area to enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside in Pù Luông, Thanh Hóa.

Relax on beaches in Vietnam for a family trip
The north coast of Phú Quốc Island

5. The north coast of Phú Quốc

You might worry if Phú Quốc Island is too touristy for you and your family to visit, but with Chôm Chôm Travel, you will have a unique vacation here! We will design the only-for-you journeys for kids and families to explore the hidden gem on the north coast of Phú Quốc.

On the northern coast of Phú Quốc, you can watch the sunrise and sunset at Trau Nam Cape or trek in Phú Quốc National Park. Do not hesitate to try the fish sauce - Nước mắm here because it is well-known to be the best in Vietnam! It may smell stronger than commercial fish sauces, but it is an authentic, raw sauce.

6. An Bàng Beach

Hội An is not only about the historic town but also about the beaches! After a long day exploring the town, you may unwind on the beach and observe how the residents live. Cycling about the area in the morning, eating lunch at a local restaurant, napping or simply relaxing, going to the beach at 4-5 PM, and enjoying some tofu pudding - Tàu Hũ, as the locals call it.

You and your family can enjoy many activities at Vietnam's beaches, including relaxing on the beach, snorkelling, cycling around to visit fishing villages, climbing to the mountaintop to watch the sunset, or trying fresh local seafood and local cuisines.

Let’s design only-for-you journeys to explore beaches in Vietnam with your kids and family, contact Chôm Chôm Travel to start your adventure:

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