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Huế is a welcoming city for families and kids: Top 3 reasons to experience the Old Imperial City!

Apart from the historical background, Huế - in Central Vietnam - is now a city full of excitement to explore with your children and family, from discovering traditional villages to enjoying the beautiful nature. With the slow lifestyle of the locals, it would be an excellent experience for you to truly immerse in such a beautiful and poetic city like Huế! This blog will show you how amazing Huế is for a sustainable tourism experience with your kids.

1. In Huế, teach your kids how to make traditional crafts.

Kids are painting ‘nón lá’ in one of Huế’s traditional villages.
Kids are painting ‘nón lá’ in one of Huế’s traditional villages.

Is Huế all about a castle and temples? It's a misconception about Huế! This stunning city offers many other activities for your kids and family to explore and learn.

There are a few traditional villages in Huế where the locals continue to do traditional work to honour their ancestors. They do not do it for the sake of doing it but rather pour their hearts and souls into everything they do, such as making handcrafted items or traditional cuisines. Therefore, exploring these traditional villages will allow your kids to learn how to make crafting with their heart and soul, just like what the locals have done for many generations.

Thủy Biều is an excellent representation of a typical traditional village for families with children. The residents of this ancient village have preserved their rustic gardens, well-preserved communal houses, and aesthetically pleasing wooden properties. In Thủy Biều village, you can learn how to make incense sticks and bronze casting, cook and eat homie meals with the locals, and explore historical structures.

There are also many other traditional villages in Huế, such as:

  • Palm-leaf conical hat-making traditional village where your kids can express their creating skills by painting their own nón lá.

  • Phước Tích is a traditional ceramics village.

  • Thanh Tiên is a traditional paper flower village.

2. Reconnect with Huế's nature in a kid-friendly way.

A family trekking in Bạch Mã National Park.
A family trekking in Bạch Mã National Park.

Huế is ideal if you want to travel with kids and family but don't want to spend too much time on transportation and still have a meaningful experience! In Huế, you can relax on the beaches, watch the sunset in lagoons, take walks along the lake or the Hương river, and explore the diversity of habitats by trekking through the Bạch Mã National Park.

For trekking and nature lovers, Bạch Mã National Park is for you! This is a kid-friendly trekking route, and you can choose to trek 5 to 15 km as you and your kids desire. While exploring the park, your kids will discover many families, various species of flora and fauna, and abundant natural beauty, such as waterfalls.

3. Explore the capital of Vietnam's last dynasty in a fun and authentic way.

A family exploring Huế
A family exploring Huế

Huế is the old Imperial City of Vietnam's last dynasty, so many historical sites from the feudal era can be found here. The diversity of architecture in Huế is a mixture of traditional and Roman styles, such as Huế's Citadel, Thiên Mụ Pagoda, Tiger Arena, An Định Palace…. By exploring Huế it will assist your children in learning new things while having fun.

There are 15 authentic Vietnamese dynasties, and Nguyễn was the last one! The Nguyễn dynasty lasted over 140 years, from 1802 to 1945, which could explain why over 40% of Vietnamese have Nguyễn as their surname.

Taking the king's last name as yours was a tradition for Vietnamese people to show respect and admiration for their emperor.

If you want to explore more of Central Vietnam, go to Hội An (3 hours away from Huế) to discover the hidden gems of the ancient town or Phong Nha (4 hours from Huế) to experience the natural beauty of the cave world. You can get there conveniently by taking trains/cars or riding on motorbikes with experts.

After many ups and downs within the country, Huế is now an international cultural heritage due to its history and culture! Let's contact Chôm Chôm Travel for an only-for-you experience to Vietnam's last Imperial City!


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