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Under the Coconut Trees

Of Ben Tre

Enjoy a few days in the Mekong, in the kingdom of coconuts, in the countryside with friendly locals.

The Ben Tre province is considered the land of coconut trees throughout Vietnam. You will go for a walk on the market of Mỏ Cày, where you will meet artisans in their workshops to present to you the values and techniques which make the richness of their culture.

You will stay in a homestay, an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and appreciate the people's legendary hospitality. Their house has a vast garden with trees. Plus, a swimming pool to cool off after your walks! A bike tour and a visit to the coconut processing industry: a varied day on the agenda! You will have the chance to discover the Khmer culture, one of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam, thanks to a day in Trà Vinh.


Day 1

Head to the countryside of Ben Tre, in the Mekong Delta, by private car from Ho Chi Minh. Your hosts will welcome you, and you will become coconut experts! You will experience a beautiful immersion in the heart of the Mekong in bamboo huts. Take advantage of your afternoon to get to know the locals or to share activities with your family: fishing, playground, swimming pool, picking up coconuts...

Lunch and dinner at the homestay, homemade, of course!


​Day 2

To embrace the soul of the Mekong, head by boat to the market of Mỏ Cày: activities, transport, shops, visits, houses... everything is done, in the greatest happiness, through navigation!

The vibrant colours and images of the beginning of the day are magnificent: many small boats, fishermen swimming in the water with their net or throwing it from their boats.

You will pass hundreds of coconut workshops and stop at a small family factory where they process everything from the coconut to the machete.

You will have lunch on the island of Con Ho. Return to the homestay in the late afternoon.

Day 3

Witnessing the Khmer pagodas is a must-do if you visit Tra Vinh! With your guide, you will explore the Kompong and Ang pagodas, one of the oldest Khmer pagodas in Tra Vinh province. Through periods of history, the pagoda still preserves many precious ancient objects.

You will end the visit with the Ba Om Lake. The pond's surface is clear and blue, with lotus flowers and water lilies. More than 200 Khmer temples are scattered throughout the province, which has been sacred sites for centuries. You cannot help but fall under the spell of Tra Vinh province!

Return by private car to Ho Chi Minh or Can Tho airport.

*The price is determined by the departure location, the number of people, and the customised tour.

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