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Coming from a hidden gem of Bảo Lộc to become part of Chôm Chôm Travel - K'Viện

Chôm Chôm Travel is more than just an office or a traditional travel agency; we connect and collaborate with the locals to provide our travellers with the most authentic experience possible. We met a man from a hidden gem among the coffee fields of Bảo Lộc - K'Viện.

trekking pour un voyage en famille vietnam
Chôm Chôm Travel local guide - K’Viện

An authentic love for nature

K'Viện was born and raised in Đạ Tồn village, where people mostly live on coffee fields and nature. He shared, "Đạ Tồn is the name of a stream, and the village was named after that." This stream has a very outstanding waterfall and is the main water supply for the locals during the dry seasons. He is so proud of his hometown and wants to introduce that to people to experience the extraordinary local customs, culture, lifestyle, and beautiful landscapes.

K’Viện is from the Mạ community - mainly concentrated in the Lâm Đồng and Đồng Nai provinces in Vietnam. Coming from a hidden gem among the woods of Bảo Lộc, he has a deep and genuine love for the mountains, jungles, and nature. He once said:

“Living surrounded by the woods, but still missing the woods.”
Trekking in Vietnam with Chôm Chôm Travel
Chôm Chôm Travel team exploring the jungle with K’Viện

He related some relatives' sayings about wandering the jungle while hunting for leaves to quench his hunger and thirst. The term "sustainable tourism" was not widely used then, but their statements are almost entirely about it. His ancestors warned the community not to admit they were hungry or thirsty in the woods if they wanted to return safely to the village.

This could disturb some wild animals like tigers or panthers, and these animals would secretly lead you to go deeper into the jungle.

There are hundreds to thousands of trees that you will never be able to learn about in your entire life. Among the jungle, there are magical and toxic plants for humans. Some plants have the potential to kill slowly and quietly. People should remember not to harm the wilderness, especially ancient trees. This is what makes jungles extraordinary, with the diversity of flora!

The connection between K’Viện and Chôm Chôm Travel

A friend of Chôm Chôm Travel visited K'Viện once and told him about our company. He was impressed and wanted to collaborate with us to support local businesses and show travellers the beauty of his home in the highlands of Vietnam. Trekking on a rainy day was one of the most memorable experiences he enjoyed with Chôm Chôm Travellers. They observed several toddlers playing in rain puddles and decided to join them.

K'Viện believes that travel can help him develop and provides an excellent opportunity for local kids to learn, particularly in English.

What does the founder of Chôm Chôm Travel think about K’Viện?

Trekking in Bao Loc for family trip to Vietnam
Chôm Chôm Travel’s founder (Dorothée) and our local guide (K’Viện)

Chôm Chôm Travel is a long-term narrative with all our partners. When I met K’Viện and his ambition to build a bamboo house in the middle of a coffee field, I felt we'd found the ideal escape from Saigon for nature lovers.

He showed us the best of his place, how simple life could be swimming in a waterfall, trekking through a coffee field, climbing on trees and meeting amazing friends. After three (3) months and a few CCT visitors, he built his own bamboo house, a wonderful place for a family to stay and experience. He encourages local kids to meet travellers to exchange the English/Vietnamese language.

The Chôm Chôm Travel team had the pleasure of trekking with K’Viện and eating his barbecue with special sauce last week. Some of us had never hiked before, but he made it possible with his generous smile! What a wonderful memory for all of us! K’Viện, keep going!

We at Chôm Chôm Travel believe that travel is about interactions and experiences, which K’Viện has always understood.

To experience this wonderful trip in Bảo Lộc with our lovely guide - K'Viện, contact Chôm Chôm Travel for your family trip in Vietnam:

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  • Address: 33/2 Quoc Huong, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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