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Thương Nguyễn - Empowering Girls to Follow Their Truly Desired Career Path!

Despite facing pressure from family and people around her that a tourism career may not be stable or easy for a girl, the most cherished and joyful memories Thương holds are from her travels. Let's meet the lovely youngest member of Chôm Chôm Travel - Thương Nguyễn!

Chôm Chôm Travel Team
Thương Nguyễn - Chôm Chôm Travel Operations Executive

Thương follows her passion for tourism inspired by the epic Vietnam Central Highlands

Thương Nguyen's roots lie in the magnificent land of the Vietnam Central Highlands (Tây Nguyên), where she was born and raised. However, her family's origins also connect her to the North and Central Coast, making her journey to embrace the soul of the Central Highlands spirit a gradual one.

She shared that when she was nine, her dad took her to visit a local stilt house inhabited by the Êđê people. She was amazed by how the local lifestyle and culture are different from her family’s. The sight of people farming animals below and living above in the stilt houses struck a chord in her heart. Thương understood then that these houses were not merely shelters; they held the essence of local heritage, culture, and religion.

Besides the magnificent culture, her hometown - Đắk Lắk has marvellous landscapes and excellent local cuisines. Despite its vast tourism potential, the region remains underdeveloped. This realisation fueled her desire to pursue a career in tourism, with a vision to support sustainable travel practices. Through her efforts, she hopes to facilitate her hometown's growth while preserving the natural habitat and cherished cultures of ethnic communities.

She states that her home district is a mix of highlands and coastal spirit since many people from Khánh Hòa (a coastal province of Vietnam) have moved there. The area acts as a bridge between Buôn Ma Thuột and Nha Trang, presenting opportunities for local business development. Đắk Lắk is also known as the kingdom of coffee in Vietnam with hills covered by white flowers of coffee trees during blooming seasons. This province covers around 30 percent of domestic coffee farming acreage and produces around 550,000 tan coffee beans every year. Đắk Lắk is also known for the excellent taste of Rượu Cần (a fermented rice wine of ethnic communities), beautiful Gong dance moves, and sacred and splendid Yok Don elephants of the Êđê community.

Family trip to Vietnam
Thương Nguyễn and Chôm Chôm Travel team in Dalat

Tourism is not for girls? - Empowered Girl!

Despite facing pressure from family and people around her that a tourism career may not be stable or easy for a girl, the most cherished and joyful memories Thương holds are from her travels. Every journey she embarked on, the people she encountered, and the delectable local cuisines she savoured, all fueled her love for nature, culture, history, and the people of Vietnam. These experiences have only deepened her sense of pride in her hometown.

Following her dream to support Vietnam’s tourism

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Laozi

After every journey she takes, Thương feels recharged and much more content with her life. Going on adventures, experiencing new places, and meeting new people make her heart feel warm and loved. Exploring new places, especially travelling in general, significantly boosts both her mental and physical health.

When talking to her foreign friends, Thương eagerly invites them to explore the charming small alleys and indulge in the delectable local cuisine of Sài Gòn. Generally, not only Saigon but many undisputed good local foods across Vietnam could amaze travellers. Vietnamese cuisine is a beautiful blend of yin and yang, providing a perfect balance of flavours and ingredients. Thus, Thương firmly believes that experiencing Vietnamese food is the most authentic way to immerse oneself in the local culture.

Each city and province Thương visits leaves her with meaningful and distinct impressions. While Đắk Lắk makes her feel at home, Bình Định evokes memories of childhood summers, Phú Yên instils a sense of freedom, and Huế ignites a feeling of first love. So far, Huế holds the title of the most memorable destination in Vietnam for her. Everything about Huế, from its rich history and stunning architecture to its warm-hearted people, has an enchanting and poetic essence that beckons Thương to revisit this dreamy city again and again.

Thương is amazed by the fresh mindset about travelling embraced by Chôm Chôm Travel

voyage au vietnam en famille
Last March, after 3 days of travelling with the Chôm Chôm Travel team, Thương shared: “This trip totally changed my definition of travel!”

When Thương first learned about Chôm Chôm Travel, the agency's unique name intrigued her, sparking a desire to know more. As she delved into the Chôm Chôm Travel website, she was utterly amazed by the founder, Dorothée's, refreshing mindset about travel. It became evident that the agency's core mission revolves around sustainable travel, which struck a chord with her and reminded her of her own dreams to promote sustainable tourism in Đắk Lắk.

The values of sustainable travel, respecting local culture, heritage, and embracing nature and community-based tourism, resonated deeply with Thương. Joining Chôm Chôm Travel as a teammate felt like a natural step for her.

“I feel grateful to work with a devoting team. Everyone works well together to make sure our travellers’ journeys go smoothly so they can enjoy Vietnam as much as possible.” Working in such a dynamic and enjoyable environment has fueled her passion for her travel dreams even more.

A message from Dorothée to Thương

"Thương joined the team last March, and she is incredibly involved, dedicated, and trustworthy! Her hard work demonstrates her desire to ensure all our travellers are happy and satisfied with their experiences.

I am especially impressed by her fearlessness when it comes to trying new adventures like trekking and canyoning, even for the first time. She goes above and beyond to understand our travellers' needs and mindset. Her extensive knowledge about another part of Vietnam has been invaluable to the rest of the team! Thank you, Thương, for your dedication and involvement at Chôm Chôm Travel."

To step out of your comfort zone and explore Vietnam in the most authentic way just like our teammate - Thương, contact us to design the only-for-you journeys for your kids and families:

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