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Hương Nguyễn - The universe grants you what you truly desire!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

With a childhood dream of exploring the world to the fullest, our team member, Hương Nguyễn, always aspired to work in the travel industry. However, when she enrolled in college, her family persuaded her to pursue a different field. Let's discover how Huong eventually found her way to our team at Chôm Chôm Travel.

Hương always dreamt about exploring all corners of Vietnam

voyage au vietnam en famille
Hương Nguyễn in Đà Lạt with Chôm Chôm Travel Team

Our charming team member Hương Nguyễn - Junior Operations Executive, who grew up with the desire to travel to experience and immerse herself in various cultures, always imagined working as a tour guide when she was younger. Despite her family's persuasion, Hương Nguyễn reluctantly chose to pursue a different industry in order to appease them. However, her unwavering passion for travel continued to intensify, refusing to be extinguished. During her final year in college, Hương simply yearned for a job that didn't demand prior experience, allowing her to earn some money while she prepared to make a comeback to her desired career in the travel industry.

The universe seemed to conspire to help Hương achieve her dream

When she stumbled upon the position at Chôm Chôm Travel, it felt like a direct response from the universe to her lifelong desire to work in the travel industry. It reminded her of a quote from The Alchemist: “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Hương was deeply impressed by Chôm Chôm Travel's vision, values, and mission, which revolved around promoting sustainable travel and supporting local communities in Việt Nam. These principles perfectly aligned with her own aspirations for how she wanted to travel and explore the world.

Conquer the world by exploring, learning, and sharing

family trip to Vietnam
Hương Nguyễn Chôm Chôm Travel Operations Executive

Since joining the Chôm Chôm Travel team, Hương has undergone a significant transformation in her travel mindset. She used to believe that "travel" solely meant observing picturesque landscapes, capturing a few impressive photographs, and then moving on. However, she now embraces the fact that her longing to explore and immerse herself in the customs, cultures, and experiences of local people has become a tangible reality.

Hương believes that travel encompasses more than just exploring the world; it also provides her with a valuable opportunity to learn, understand, and discover herself by immersing herself in local cultures and exploring the depths of humanity. Furthermore, Hương expressed that the ability to quickly adapt to various conditions and situations contributes to her personal growth, making her stronger and more independent. Moreover, embarking on enriching journeys fills her with a sense of pride and deepens her love for Vietnam, as she becomes increasingly captivated by the authentic stories shared by the people she encounters.

Vietnam's landscapes are marvellous!

Hương is amazed by the unreal and beautiful landscapes of mountainous areas in Vietnam, especially Tà Xùa, which she has kept on her travel bucket list for a while. Imagining feeling the fresh air, admiring the gorgeous landscapes, and meeting the homey and simple H’Mong people make her want to explore the place at least once in her life.

However, if she were to recommend a destination in Vietnam to foreigners, Hương would enthusiastically suggest Sài Gòn. She describes Sài Gòn as an extraordinary and culturally diverse city. While it exudes a dynamic and bustling atmosphere as Vietnam's largest economic hub, one can also stumble upon pockets of simplicity and antiquity hidden in its street corners. Moreover, Sài Gòn serves as an excellent base for exploring neighbouring provinces and cities, offering a plethora of activities to engage in. And to Hương, the best reason to visit Sài Gòn is food! You can find various types of Vietnamese cuisine here: from the horse’s organs (Thắng Cố) of Hmong people to different kinds of fermented fish of the Mekong Delta; Asian to Western cuisines; local street foods to luxury restaurants…

From Dorothée to our lovely Hương

Hương is a very young and dedicated person. I have been impressed by her change after a few months of working at Chôm Chôm Travel. At first, she couldn't really enjoy discussing with travellers and was not very confident, but thanks to her manager's encouragement, she managed to get confidence.

I also can feel how happy and great she can be during travelling as she shares curiosity and kindness with the hosts. These are great skills for her to have in order to bring creative ideas and make the best travel itinerary for our travellers. Good job Hương, keep it on!

best travel agency in Saigon
Chôm Chôm Travel Team in Đà Lạt

It is delightful to see the value of sustainable travel of Chôm Chôm Travel shared thoroughly among our team members. To learn more about sustainable travel in Vietnam, you can read more here. And to design the only-for-you journey for kids and families within Vietnam, contact us with the following information:

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  • Address: No 11, Street 44, Thảo Điền, District 2, Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam

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