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Process of creating your itinerary

  1. Advice, itinerary suggestion, committed budget (20 minutes of free call)

  2. Creation of itinerary with a budget made free of charge (which can be renewed once). The 3rd budget, if any, will be charged 20$ to be paid in advance, and will be included in the invoice if the trip is completed.

  3. After validation of the budget, if withdrawal for reasons that are independent of Chôm Chôm Travel we will charge 100$.

  4. A deposit of 100$/program will be requested for receipt of photos of the places/accommodation and other more detailed information.

  5. This amount will be deducted from your invoice if the trip is

    approved. Attention!

  6. Offers are only valid 72 hours after dispatch (rooms and guides must be vacated after this time)


  • 50% deposit upon confirmation of the quote.

  • The remaining 50% needs to be paid 20 days before departure.

**Change during the trip

  • 50% deposit upon confirmation of the quote.

  • Chôm Chôm Travel provides follow-up throughout the trip with guides, hotels and transport. → Any change (schedule, modification of program) after 5 PM the day before the excursions will be charged 20$.


  1. Chôm Chôm Travel selects and visits all accommodations, at least once a year. During our visits, we check cleanliness, safety, site equipment and staff service.

  2. We do our best to ensure that travelers have a time that lives up to their expectations.

  3. However, we are neither the owners of the premises nor responsible for the staff.

  4. Likewise, please specify your needs in terms of cots and equipment for babies and young children because some structures (homestay/lodge) rarely have them, and others have them but do not meet the expected safety standards.

  5. We also recommend to travelers to carry light sleeping bags when the night is in a homestay!




  1. Chôm Chôm Travel organizes transfers from airports by car/train/boat.

  2. As with housing, we carefully select all partners and we go on site to check at least once a year. Our drivers are independent drivers. If during the journey you wish to make an additional stop, we advise you to inform them directly.

  3. They are drivers but not porters. The carrying of luggage is therefore not included in the service: if they do so it is out of courtesy, it is up to you to give them compensation.

  4. Car seats for children are generally not provided and we advise families to take them on the trip. Indeed, it is not considered checked baggage.

Weather forecasts

  1. Vietnam is a country with climates that vary from province to province throughout the year. We advise travelers of the best periods of visits but we cannot guarantee them 100%.

  2. Please always check weather 24h before departure!


Cancellation received (*)

  1. More than 21 days before departure: No fees withheld.

  2. Between 20 and 15 days before departure: 25% of the total cost of the trip.

  3. Between 14 and 8 days before departure: 50% of the total cost of the trip.

  4. Between 7 and 4 days before departure: 75% of the total cost of the trip.

  5. Less than 72 hours departure or no-show: 100% of total tour cost.


(*) Cancellation Policy - Airline Tickets:

  1. The reservation/rerouting/cancellation/refund conditions as well as the issue deadlines will be mentioned in writing by our consultants.


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