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The marvellous rice terraces of Pù Luông will amaze your family!

Is visiting rice terrace on your travel bucket list but you are afraid to take the beaten path? Join us to discover the marvellous rice terraces and the nature of Pù Luông, a remote destination in Thanh Hóa!

voyage au vietnam en famille
Family trip to Pù Luông, Vietnam

Pù Luông: A Destination for Nature Lovers!

If you are a nature lover and you wish to immerse yourself in the green of the forest, the blue of the sky, the white of clouds, all while escaping the hustle and bustle of city life, then Pù Luông is the perfect destination for you to unwind for a few days.

Pù Luông, which translates to "the highest area of the village" in the language of the Thai ethnic community, is situated in Thanh Hóa, approximately 160 km further south of Hanoi, and it's in close proximity to Cúc Phương National Park. Therefore, after days of exploring the life and culture of Hanoi, it's ideal for your family to spend a couple of days in Pù Luông to immerse yourselves in the distinctly different atmosphere it offers.

family trip to Vietnam
Pù Luông (Thanh Hóa) - an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life!

What to do in Pù Luông with kids and families?


Thanks to the excellent location , Pù Luông makes a brilliant destination for nature lovers, especially the trekking enthusiasts who wish to delve into the untamed beauty of this Nature Reserve.

Chôm Chôm Travel is thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with local guides, enabling us to create three fantastic trekking routes suitable for travellers of all levels. While trekking through Pù Luông, you and your family will have a chance to explore the area by immersing yourself deeply into its nature and local life while visiting Kho Mường Village, Hiêu Waterfall, and Bang Village.

Encounter the locals

Besides trekking, your family can also go to explore the local life such as visiting a traditional market of minor ethnic communities - Phố Đoàn ethnic market. This market operates only from 6 AM to 11 AM on Thursday and Sunday mornings. Delving into these ethnic markets provides an intriguing experience as you interact with people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and discover an array of new and unusual products.

After trekking or exploring the local life, your family can spend the rest of your day unwinding, taking a look at the exceptional rice terrace and high palm trees surrounding you, or enjoying the peaceful dinner in one of the most beautiful destinations in Vietnam.

Jump on jeep tour or on the back of motorbike to Mai Châu

In the adventurous spirit, Chôm Chôm Travel has mapped out a route from Pù Luông to Mai Châu, tailored for kids and families to enjoy thrilling jeep tours or embark on motorbike rides. Embracing the fun of this route, your family will embark on an interesting journey, visiting Đôn Village, Hiêu Village - where you can plunge into a natural waterfall and rejuvenate your spirits with a refreshing swim, exploring Chàm Stream, and culminating in a visit to Báng Village.

family trip to Vietnam
Rice terrace in Pù Luông

When to travel to Pù Luông?

The best time to travel to Pù Luông is from late May until early June, September and October.

Late May until early June marks the arrival of the lush green rice season. During this time, the rice terraces transform into a sea of fresh and light green hues, providing your family with a unique opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Meanwhile, going to Pù Luông in September and October will present a different yet equally captivating sight. As the harvest season takes centre stage, the landscape turns into a mesmerising golden canvas. Trekking through the yellow rice terraces is the best experience because you can enjoy the landscapes while taking a deep breath to embrace the smell of the ripened golden rice.

Where to extend your journey in Vietnam after visiting Pù Luông?

To extend your family journey in Vietnam, Chôm Chôm Travel would suggest you take the night train to explore Phong Nha - the world's most marvellous cave system. Taking the Vietnam national night train is a special experience for your family to try and create a lifelong memory in Vietnam. If you're looking for the perfect blend of mountain and beach experiences, consider a visit to Cát Bà Island. Situated within Lan Hạ Bay, this picturesque island is where Chôm Chôm Travel provides cruise adventures tailor-made for kids and families. Notably, it's worth mentioning that this destination ranks high among the favourites of our cherished travellers.

If you are looking for a destination to have a view of beautiful rice terraces and get off the beaten path, contact Chôm Chôm Travel to design the only-for-you journey to Pù Luông!

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