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Are you looking for authentic adventures in Northern Vietnam with your family?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Many of our traveller's families only consider Sapa when planning a trip to Northern Vietnam. But did you know that there are multiple of other places in Vietnam's north with majestic mountain ranges, stunning rice terraces, and fascinating ethnic cultures? In this blog, Chôm Chôm Travel will go through some Northern Vietnam destinations that can provide your family with authentic Vietnamese traditions and experiences.

family trip to vietnam
H'Mong women talking in front of a breathtaking view of Mù Cang Chải

Mù Cang Chải in Yên Bái

More than 300 km North of Hanoi, Mù Cang Chải is one of the "must-go" places in Yên Bái Province. Mù Cang Chải's charming beauty is displayed through terraced rice fields and the tranquillity of the local villages. This Northwest Highlands district has a lovely ripe rice season, hot mineral spring bathing spots, ethnic minority markets, festivals, and mouth-watering dishes.

Trekking in Mù Cang Chải is an excellent leisure activity for you and your family to discover the region's breathtaking landscapes, and capture the locals wearing their colourful traditional clothing while working in the stunning rice terraces on the mountainside.

The Lìm Mông Valley is one of the most stunning valleys in Vietnam. This area's terraced rice fields are always stunning, from the beginning to the end of harvest.

In September, Mù Cang Chải hosts a paragliding festival. Experience the feeling of flying and admiring the panoramic views of the stunning rice-terraced fields in Khau Phạ Pass. Chôm Chôm Travel can organise this spectacular adventure for you.

family trip to vietnam
Experience the paragliding activity in Mù Cang Chải

Visit the Tú Lệ community and try their young sticky rice flakes, known as Cốm, in Vietnamese. The rice used to make Cốm is selected and harvested when the grain is still developing. People who eat this speciality continue to try again because of the doughy, sweet taste.

The weather in Mù Cang Chải is unpredictable. It can be hot during the day but chilly at night. We recommended that your family pack jackets for your trip to Mù Cang Chải.

The ideal time to visit Mù Cang Chải is between mid-September and mid-October when the rice terraces' colour changes from green to a rich golden shade. The rainy season at Mu Cang Chai lasts from May to June, which some people consider another perfect time to visit.

Hà Giang - excellent representative of the beautiful Northern Vietnam

Hà Giang shares the border with China to the North. The perfect destination for an adventurous trip due to its high mountain passes and curvy roads. Many travellers are enthusiastic about conquering the 20-kilometre-long Mã Pí Lèng Pass, stretching from Đồng Văn Town to the Mèo Vạc District. When you stand here, you can see the stunning mountain range, enhanced by the charming and poetic Nho Quế River flowing into Vietnam from Yunnan (China).

family trip to vietnam
Chôm Chôm Travellers on Nho Quế River with our local tour guides

Đông Văn Karst Plateau Geopark is a must-see in Hà Giang, located at Vietnam's Northernmost point and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your family can enjoy the majestic and distinctive landscape, which includes towering mountains and deep canyons.

The Đông Văn Ancient Town is home to 17 different ethnic groups contributing to the richness of the local culture. Admire unique architecture with Chinese influences, such as yin and yang designs on roofs, tiles, and flooring.

Đồng Văn Market is hosted by local groups - The Hmong, Tày, Nùng, and Hoa ethnic groups - every Sunday from 5-10 am. Your family can discover the traditions and goods of the ethnic communities while walking and absorbing the market. They trade various products, from electronics, vegetables, fruits, clothing, and livestock.

Buffalo meat is a speciality of the Black Thái people and a typical dish in their daily meals. The buffalo meat is seasoned before hanging in the kitchen, where the smoke from the cooking area slowly dries the meat.

The ideal time to travel to Hà Giang is from October to March. The season of ripe rice and flowers blooming in the sky is also the spring festival on the fields. If you go to Hà Giang between early September and the end of December, this is when the buckwheat blooms. You can have the opportunity to try buckwheat cake, one of the region's authentic specialities.

Cao Bằng

Cao Bằng is a mountainous province about 280 km from Hanoi. It is situated along the Bằng Giang riverbank. The ideal place to explore off-the-beaten-track, stunning natural scenery with majestic forests, mountains, and the most breathtaking and prominent waterfalls in Vietnam.

If you love adventurous experiences, take a motorcycle, and cross the Mẻ Pia Pass. With 14-story twisting loops, this is one of the most challenging roads in the northeast of Vietnam, and even experienced drivers are bewildered.

family trip in vietnam
Chôm Chôm Travellers enjoy the trip in Cao Bằng as a family

During the conquest of Mẻ Pia Pass, you can visit Bản Giốc Waterfall - the largest waterfall in Vietnam, 300 meters wide, dividing the boundary between Vietnam and China. The route to the waterfall passes via beautiful rice fields and green grass. With emerald water, the waterfall emerges with magnificence and poetic beauty. You and your family can rent a boat to get closer and fully enjoy its splendour.

Angel Eye Mountain, locally known as Núi Thủng, is one of the most beautiful mountains. It is situated in the heart of a scenic valley called Tuyệt Tình Cốc. A hole in the centre of the mountain amazes visitors because of its unique appearance. Surrounded by picturesque sights, including Thang Hen Lake, villages, mountains, and rice fields. Your family will enjoy the tranquil scenery by walking around the mountain's base.

Cao Bằng is a favourite trekking and hiking place for travellers. Our Chôm Chôm local guide can organise these outdoor activities for you and your family to discover the stunning nature of Cao Bằng, visit ethnic villages of Thái, Nùng, or Dao people, and learn about their authentic costumes and traditions.

The most beautiful Cao Bằng season lasts from August to September, when Bản Giốc waterfall pours clear, green water and terraced fields are ripe. The best time for trekking and hiking in Cao Bằng is from October to April when the weather is cooler and there is little rain.

Our Chôm Chôm dedicated team have conducted many inspection trips in the north of Vietnam and assisted families in organising memorable adventures. Chôm Chôm Travel and our local guides are confident in providing your family with the best and safest experience in Northern Vietnam. Let us assist you in selecting your family's preferred location in Northern Vietnam. Contact us to begin exploring Vietnam's northern region:

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