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Saigon Authentic Unseen Tour

Nowadays Saigon can have a modern and dynamic vibe, yet it also conceals a glorious and epic history. Let’s hop on the back of motorbikes, get off the beaten path, and delve deeper into the city with Chôm Chôm Travel!


Do your kids love history, and does your family harbour a curiosity to uncover Saigon’s past? Get on the Authentic Saigon Unseen Tour and take a closer and intimate look at a heroic and dynamic Saigon! Our English-speaking local guides will help to navigate your family through the small alleys around the city. Do not worry if you have little kids! Our lovely guides are kid-friendly and very attentive!


Your family will have a few stops during this 4 hours experience to discover local life and learn more about the history of Saigon. You might explore a local market, witnessing the locals go about their daily grocery shopping. Pause at a local café to sample Cà phê Sữa đá - Saigon's signature drink. Your family will be assisted to a historical spot where you may also see and talk to people who have borne witness to the American War. We assure you, this experience will captivate your family, providing a broader perspective on Saigon's rapid development and its astonishing diversity.



  • Suggested age: 4 years old and above.

  • Experience's length: 4 hours/

  • Available time: Available to experience in the morning and afternoon time.

  • Group size: Suitable for groups of 2 - 15 persons.


  • Includes: English-speaking guide, a lunch, a drink, entrance tickets, transportation

  • Excludes tips and travel insurance

    • 2 million VND/adult

    • 1.3 million VND/child (4-12 years old)

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