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March is the best time to visit Kon Tum!

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Kon Tum should unquestionably be on your list of travel destinations in Vietnam if you're looking for something distinctive and off-the-beaten path. This hidden gem is located in the country's Central Highlands region and is known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and welcoming locals. And if you're thinking about visiting Kon Tum, March is the ideal month. Here are some of the reasons:

Where is Kon Tum?

family trip to vietnam
Kon Klor communal house in Kon Tum

Kon Tum is one of the Central Highlands Vietnam provinces. It's bordered by Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Gia Lai, and Laos. A report about the population of 2021 showed that Kon Tum's population is around 568,800 people, with 5 communities, including Bahnar, Xo Dang, Jeh-Tariang, Jarai, and Vietnamese.

Did you know something interesting about the name Kon Tum? In the language of the Bahnar people, Kon means village, and Tum is the lake. So the name describes there was a lake next to the village.

It is not a common destination for local travellers, so the nature and locals' lives here are, somehow, potential and ideal for adventures. While visiting here, you can have a chance to take a closer and newer look at the beauty of Vietnam's mountainous nature through the Mang Den pine forest, Dak To Re reefs, Dak Nung fall, Dak To hot spring, many primary forests, and national parks.

Reasons to visit Kon Tum in March

In line with other cold climate locations, March is the beginning of spring in Vietnam in general, and in Kon Tum as well. After a gloomy winter, spring comes and brings joy not only to our lives but also to nature! In the coffee kingdom of Vietnam, March is the best time for a trip to experience the local's life, with the perfect weather and the most beautiful time of blooming nature.

Coffee Flower season

family trip to vietnam
Coffee flowers blooming in Kon Tum

The Northwest Highlands in Vietnam is well-known for its tea; meanwhile, the Central Highlands, or Kon Tum, is called the Kingdom of Vietnamese coffee. A small town called Dak Ha has a geographical indication certificate from IP Vietnam for coffee harvesting and production. Dak Ha coffee is a perfect combination of fat and raw protein, and it's famous for its creamy and sweet taste.

Due to the difference in temperatures and climates, the blooming time of coffee flowers can occur between February and April. March is believed to be the most beautiful time for coffee flowers to bloom!

There will be a coffee festival there from March 10th to 14th. Contact us if you want to plan an adventure for your adventurous spirit!


Due to the elevated altitude, the weather of Vietnam's Central Highlands, in general, is year-round a bit cooler than the coast. But after a long winter, from November to January, it gets warmer in February and lasts till April. This makes it an ideal time to explore the town and surrounding areas without fear of extreme heat or rain. With its beautiful weather, March is considered the best time to visit Kon Tum.

Kon Tum’s Cathedral

family trip to vietnam
Wooden church in Kon Tum

This cathedral was built in 1813, and it is known as a treasure and pride of Kon Tum. The locals sometimes called it the Woody Cathedral because it is made of all wood! The architect was a French priest who designed the cathedral with a beautiful mixture of Roman and Bahnar architecture. Kon Tum’s Cathedral is believed to be the only Basilica woody cathedral left in the world.


family trip to vietnam
Family trekking with kids

Kon Tum is rich in plant and animal life. Many primary forests contain valuable trees such as Rosewood, Burma Padauk, Fujian Cypress, and Pine trees. Peacocks, Crested Argus, Siamese Firebacks’, and Annamese Silver Pheasants are among the over 160 bird species. Furthermore, the number of mammals in Kon Tum accounts for 88% of the total rate in the Central Highlands.

Is Kon Tum friendly for a family trip?

Since there is a diversity of ethnic communities in Kon Tum, you and your family can easily immerse yourself in multi-cultures activities like playing traditional instruments, visiting minor ethnic people's houses, trekking, and exploring nature. The video below will give you a better look at a sustainable trip to Kon Tum with Chôm Chôm Travel.

Contact Chôm Chôm Travel for a tailored adventure, and get your backpack ready for a trip to Kon Tum this March!

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