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​Hanoi Toys Making Workshop

Are you searching for exciting activities to engage your kids and family in Hanoi? Embark on a thrilling adventure with Chôm Chôm Travel at the Hanoi Toys Making Workshop!


Join Thạch, a passionate local artist, in The Old Quarter of Hanoi and delve into the city's thousand-year-old craft tradition. Engage in a hands-on experience where you and your children can create your own bamboo toys from discarded bamboo pieces or customize unique paper masks. Thach, a local artist and advocate for Vietnamese culture, is dedicated to preserving the country's traditions through these engaging workshops by sharing his skills with both local children and young visitors.


As more modern materials have become popular, bamboo is often used for decoration only. This raises concern about losing Vietnamese tradition, so a local Hanoi artist - Thạch - started his project making bamboo toys for kids. He doesn't only want to bring bamboo back to Vietnamese life, but he also wants to spread the eco-friendly message to kids and introduce Vietnamese tradition to travellers.


The bamboo toys crafted in this workshop are not only visually stunning but also contribute to the local economy. By empowering young entrepreneurs with the knowledge of bamboo toy making, Thach creates opportunities for economic growth within the community.


During the 2-3 hours spent in this workshop, you and your family will bond over a memorable experience while actively participating in the revival of Vietnamese traditions.  Join us now to make long lasting memories together. 


Fee (including transportation fee):

  • With English-speaking guide:

    • 1.100.000 VND/pax (group from 2 - 3)

    • 800.000 VND/pax (group from 4 - 6)

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