The bicycle is an integral part of Vietnamese culture.

You see it often in the city, but even more in the countryside.

Students peddling to school, grandparents on the way to the market, street vendors selling their specialty dishes as they cycle their usual routes...these are all common sights in Vietnam.

The controllable speed of the bicycle and ease of use, makes it a great way for exploring and enjoying travel at your own pace.

At Chôm Chôm Travel we have designed maps specifically for families that reflect our mission to help you discover the most authentic parts of the Mekong Delta.

Feel the breeze as you pedal through the paddy fields and cacao plantations.

Enjoy the light sweat and the feeling of the sunbeams on your back. Listen to the soft sounds as life happens around you.

And the best part? Experience this with your family. 

To ensure the safety of children, we have tested all programs. Our partners provide bicycles suitable for all ages.

Let’s ride!