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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Are you curious about the creative writer of our marketing team? Please welcome our girl - Duyên is dedicated to every piece of content for the Chôm Chôm community. Besides, she is a nature lover, a full-time vegetarian to protect animals & environment, also a talented craftsman. Duyen has been with Chôm Chôm for 6 months and has contributed hundred of interesting posts, blogs, stories, and reels for us.

Let us learn more about Duyên and her work at Chôm Chôm Travel!

1. Who is Duyên?

Hello Chôm Chôm Community!

My name is Duyên, and I come from Long Khánh, a small and lovely city in Dong Nai province. I enjoy living there as it blends city and country traits. Long Khánh is a newly developed city with modern facilities but few vehicles. It is surrounded by many trees and has a fresh atmosphere and a blue sky. Not far from the centre of Long Khánh is an easily reachable rural area with many fruit orchards.

My hometown is well-known for its fruit, especially guava, durian, and rambutan (Chôm Chôm) - which is our company's name.

2. What is your role at Chôm Chôm Travel?

At Chôm Chôm Travel, I write posts for Facebook and Instagram, as well as the blogs on the website; select photographs, and design graphics to accompany the content so that our community can visualise and understand more about Chôm Chôm Travel and what we do.

I also write English travel journals for Chôm Chôm travellers so they can easily keep track of their adventures and have a general idea of the destinations and activities they will participate in.

I genuinely love my work and feel like I have been offered a beautiful opportunity to write about what fascinates me. Vietnam's colourful and authentic culture, traditional crafts, nature, and children are all incredibly inspiring to me.

Designing the graphics is so interesting, especially when I work with beautiful typography and icons, learning to arrange all the pieces and selecting colours to create a great look.

3. Apart from a full-time writing job, do you have any hobbies?

I enjoy doodling, colouring, hand-lettering, and crafting macramé; these hobbies help me unwind and express emotions, and I always feel high afterwards.

I love staring at the sky to watch the clouds pass by and observing trees with many branches. It is so soothing to see the leaves sway in the wind, and sometimes I can catch the birds flying through. This is like a beautiful and lively painting created by mother nature. Daydreaming is also one of my hobbies.

4. Which food and places in Vietnam do you recommend for travellers?

The food reflects a lot about the culture and people of a region, and I am always proud of Vietnamese cuisine, which is flavourful, diverse, and very balanced. I am so impressed by how our ancestors combined different ingredients to create incredibly well-balanced meals, such as the fried Bánh Xèo, which we eat with various fresh vegetables.

Since I am a vegetarian, many people would probably think my food options would be limited.

Completely contrary, I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful that there is an abundance of delectable vegetarian options in Vietnam. I can say that Vietnamese vegetarian food is so good that I find myself content and happy with my meals and do not feel a craving for meat.

Therefore, vegetarian and vegan travellers ơi, don't worry when visiting Vietnam; our country is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

I am not a person who enjoys recommending others to try specific things; instead, I invite you to discover them yourself.

Many blogs describe the fantastic cuisine and places in Vietnam; Chôm Chôm Travel also has a blog session on our website, where we strive to introduce you to Vietnam's breathtaking scenery and enjoyable activities. You can take your time to read, feel, and select what inspires you to try it.

If I had to pick my favourite place, it would be an untamed stream nestled in a pine forest in Dalat. It was initially shown to me by a local friend three years ago, and I was immediately captivated. The stream has clear water, lovely stones, and beautiful dried leaves, and there were no other visitors except us.

When it comes to islands, Phu Quy is the best for me. When I was there, the temperature was cool, not hot like any other beach or island I've been to. Phu Quy is home to picturesque, unspoiled beaches with clear, emerald water and abundant vegetation.

The best experience, in my opinion, is created by being fully present and immersed in the now. In contrast, you might miss the most stunning location and the tastiest food if you are not there to enjoy it.

5. How do you find working at Chôm Chôm Travel? What are your best memories during the last 6 months?

I find working at Chôm Chôm Travel exceptional. It helps me to develop my skills, deepen my love for what I'm interested in, and expand my knowledge about Vietnam.

When I first read Chôm Chôm Travel's website, I was inspired by what the company does and believes in, such as supporting sustainable tourism, slow travel, and nature encounters. I had not much experience when I started the job. Fortunately, Dorothée- my manager, was very understanding and supportive of me; I felt like I was given space to grow. She knows when to push me for my improvement, and I am genuinely grateful to have such excellent guidance from her.

At Chôm Chôm Travel, we have a fun and small multinational team, and every team member is lovely and supportive. I have many beautiful and fun-filled memories with the team. These are from our company trip to the Mekong Delta, our Christmas party when we watched the magical sunset together and exchanged gifts, and when we filmed reels at the office.

6. A Lovely Testimonial from Chôm Chôm Founder - Dorothée

Duyen has gained so much confidence in her writing skills during the months spent with Chôm Chôm Travel. She can describe in a very authentic and fun way all our travel experiences. Keep challenging yourself, Duyen. We will miss you Duyen! (and your laugh too!)

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