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Is Vietnam A Family Friendly Destination?

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Vietnam is a charming country in Southeast Asia that is famous for many picturesque natural landscapes, rich culture, mouth-watering cuisine, and friendly local people. Many families who desire to travel to Vietnam are unsure if Vietnam is a family-friendly destination. Unlike travelling alone or with friends, parents will more carefully select a suitable and safe destination for their children. Let Chôm Chôm Travel show you why Vietnam is a friendly destination for your family!

1. Vietnam is a family-friendly destination?

Safety is the priority for all parents when selecting holiday destinations for themselves and their children. Vietnam is quite a safe country due to its political and social stability.

If you love trekking, the country is blessed with pleasant weather, making trekking possible for most of the year. Our local guides will show you and your kids the finest route, ideal spots for amazing sceneries, and the best opportunity to learn more about the locals.

Motorbikes are the primary mode of transportation in Vietnam; it is convenient to explore the alleys in the city and the northern mountainous routes. The experience is secure with our Chôm Chôm skilled riding guides.

Life jackets are well-equipped in adult and child sizes, making your family cruise in Lan Ha Bay or the Mekong Delta a safety priority while enjoying and capturing the stunning scenery in a safe environment.

family trip to vietnam
Family-friendly activity in Vietnam

The Chôm Chôm team is here to ensure you and your family have a safe journey. We frequently take inspection trips and work with our local guides to advise our families on the safety requirements that apply to your family activities.

2. Vietnamese people love children

Vietnamese people are very hospitable and can invite you to have meals at their homes. They are highly family-oriented, so it is not surprising that they enjoy caring for and being around kids. When you travel with your younger children, people are frequently friendlier and more eager to help.

voyage au vietnam en famille
Vietnamese people are kid-friendly

Vietnamese kids are open and often gather and play in outdoor areas, so it is easy for your children to join them and make friends. That will give your kids the best opportunity to gain experience with the local culture and strengthen their social skills.

3. Fun and educational activities for your kids

Families have a wide variety of choices in Vietnam due to the country’s breathtaking scenery, which ranges from the majestic mountains to the lovely beaches. Your family will be satisfied whether you prefer a leisurely or an adventurous trip. For a more well-rounded family trip, we suggest combining the two.

There are numerous outdoor activities that you can join with your kids, like cruising on Lan Ha Bay and Mekong Delta. Cycling in the countryside of Hội An, Ninh Binh, and Ben Tre. Kayaking on the waters of Cat Ba Island and snorkelling on Con Dao Island.

Vietnam has a rich history and diverse culture for your children to learn. Your family can visit many museums in Hanoi and the Cu Chi Tunnels in Saigon to learn about the country’s past. Discover the ethnic minority cultures in the northern mountains like Ha Giang, Cao Bang, and Mu Cang Chai. By participating in outdoor activities like hiking and trekking, your child will develop a love and appreciation for the natural environment.

voyage au vietnam en famille
Kids experience countryside life in Vietnam

There are many traditional handicraft workshops for your family to join, drawing Batik and making paper with H’mong communities. The water puppet shows in Hanoi and À Ố show in Ho Chi Minh are the signature cultural shows that are well worth witnessing. 

You and your children can learn more about the UNESCO world heritage sites - Ha Long Bay, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Sanctuary.

These educational and fun experiences will provide your family with delightful moments and be with your children for their lifetime.

4. Delicious and healthy foods

Vietnamese cuisine is renowned worldwide for its delicious flavour and nutritional value. The dishes typically contain a variety of vegetables that give a balanced ingredient combination. Each region of Vietnam has its specialities, so you and your children can have various choices, from the north to the south, from street food to fine dining. Eating with chopsticks can be a fun and challenging experience that will create more memories of your Vietnam family vacation.

family trip to vietnam
Kid enjoy Vietnamese local cuisines

You and your children can eat many exotic fruits, such as mangoes, papayas, jackfruits, rambutans (chôm chôm) and dragon fruit. The fruits are inexpensive and fresh, and they may give your family a lot of vitamins and energy for your journey.

5. Why Chôm Chôm Travel chooses commitment to family trips in Vietnam

Chôm Chôm’s Founder - Dorothée Perrault, is a mum of three kids. Dorothée deeply loves Vietnam and frequently brings her kids to explore the country. She is highly aware of the challenges of travelling with kids and desires to assist other families in having the best experience while travelling around Vietnam with their young children.

Thanks to our founder’s extensive travels around Vietnam and the team’s inspection trips, we can provide the best recommendations and design families’ ideal vacations based on their specific needs.

Our Chôm Chôm team would love to help our community save time searching and have the Vietnam family holiday that remains secure for their children while experiencing fun experiences.

Let’s design only-for-you journeys to explore beaches in Vietnam with your kids and family, contact Chôm Chôm Travel to start your adventure:

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