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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Before consulting and designing the best family trips in Vietnam for our travelers, we always conduct inspection trips. This allows us to provide the most precise and suitable recommendations to our community.


The Chôm Chôm team are all avid travelers, so we deeply understand your desire to explore new places authentically and based on your family preferences, as well as your safety concerns along the way. Especially when you travel with your young children.

Many families come to Chôm Chôm and express their yearning for adventurous family trips close to nature because their kids also love trees and animals. However, they are worried about whether these areas are secure for their kids as they have never been there before.

Since our Founder is a Mum of three kids as well, she is highly aware of your challenges and genuinely cares. She has assisted many families in planning the finest travel itineraries around Vietnam that remain secure for their children while experiencing a ton of amazing and fun experiences in nature.

In addition to families, we usually receive many requests for trip planning from groups of friends, couples, and even lone travelers. They are the types of people who enjoy planning their own holidays based on their interests. However, they lack knowledge of the locations. therefore, they contact us to organize it for them instead. Inspection trips provide us with information to help them have their dream trip around Vietnam as well.


How can we guarantee the quality and advise our travelers on the best options if we haven't tried it ourselves? So, we test everything!

The Chôm Chôm team with our Founder and her little kids (from 3 to 7 years old) travel and test all of the provided services from our partners.

We travel with the local tour guides, and participate in all of the activities that they organize during the journey. We go trekking and cycling to check whether the routes are suitable for kids, and suggest which ages are appropriate for participation. We have our meals at both local restaurants and food stores to ensure hygiene and flavor, and stay at both five-star lodges to local homestays to get a sense of the vibe and inspect the facilities. We use transportation to feel if it is good and comfortable for our travel families.

Furthermore, during the inspection trips, we make friends with many locals to learn about their culture so that we can help you to approach them more easily, and have a more authentic experience at the places you visit.

Although we concentrate on creating fun and safe trips for families and kids, Chôm Chôm Travel also tries to discover new routes that are suitable for young singles, groups of friends, couples, or loners who crave to explore Vietnam in a more challenging way. We have some adventurous activities offered, such as riding the motorcycle through the mountainous narrow roads or climbing up the mountains,…

Besides the practical experiences, what enhances our service is that Chôm Chôm Travel always listens attentively to our community, as this is the crucial key for us to fully understand their needs. We always try to tailor the tour to our travelers' personal tastes; some prefer adventurous trips, while others prefer relaxing vacations. Frequently, we advise our community to combine the two for more balanced experiences.


Chôm Chôm team loves exploring throughout Vietnam and we are going to reach more and more places. We travel from stunning beaches to majestic mountains; from the north to the south; from the bustling cities to the remote countryside. Therefore, we can declare that traveling with your family and friends in Vietnam is definitely worthwhile because of the country's magnificent scenery and cultural diversity.

The Chôm Chôm team and our expert local guides constantly work to search for off-beaten paths wherever we visit so that we can craft one-of-a-kind itineraries for your wonderful family trips in Vietnam, and introduce you and your children to Vietnam's hidden gems.

Inspection tours bring us a lot of fantastic experiences that we can use to share and organize for your trip. If you’ve tried our service before, we are sure that you can feel the effort and love we put into every trip that we design. As a result, we have received a lot of positive and rewarding feedback from our travelers.

Many families, groups of friends, and couples assure us that they will contact us to plan for their next travel in Vietnam. That encourages Chôm Chôm team to have more inspection trips and create more memorable adventures for our community!

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