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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Hanoi is not just about famous historical sites! Chôm Chôm Travel would love to show you the simple and ordinary ways of the capital city that will give you and your family extraordinary experiences!

Become Hanoian and explore Hanoi profoundly and authentically through the daily tours below of Chôm Chôm Travel:


Cuisine plays a significant role in the region's culture, so if you travel to a new destination, you should not pass up the chance to taste and learn about the traditional specialities, especially home-cooked dishes.

This day tour lasts around four hours and can offer you an incredible opportunity to learn about the culture, interact with the locals, and taste authentic food. You and your family will have the chance to go to the local wet market. This is one of the best places to observe the lively local way of life. You will learn the tips to select the freshest produce of Hanoians and discover many locally grown exotic vegetables.

Learning to pick vegetables and slice and dice the ingredients like a Vietnamese can be exciting.

With the guidance of our Hanoian grandma, you and your family will learn to prepare delicious and authentic home-cooked meals. In almost every Vietnamese home, mum and grandma are the cooking experts; they get the recipes handed down through the generations.

This is a great activity to experience with your kids; it is both educational and entertaining. After this cooking lesson, you will taste the delectable meal you made and take home the secret recipe, which you can cook to treat your family and friends.


Have you ever heard of Nón Lá (conical hats)? One of the traditional symbols of the Vietnamese people. In the past, Vietnamese worked mainly on the farm; they wore Nón Lá to protect themselves from the rain and sun.

This tour will lead your family to a village with more than three hundred years of making conical hats. The artisans here will present you with how they make traditional hats and introduce you to many different Nón Lá. You can have the opportunity to listen to many stories about their life and the history of the classic hat.

Next to the Nón Lá village is another traditional township making birdcages. These birdcages are famous throughout Vietnam and exported to many countries for their lovely decorative details and high quality. You and your family will have the opportunity to stroll around the village, coming across courtyards filled with birdcages, interact with the friendly local people and learn more about the detailed steps in making birdcages.

Besides the birdcages, this ancient village also creates paper fans. You and your family can join a first-hand paper craft-making class to learn how to make a daily-use paper fan. This will be a fun experience; after the course, you can make your paper fans at home whenever you like.


If you enjoy having a walk in the afternoon to see Hanoi's scenery and local life at the end of the day, combined with delicious Hanoi food, this is the perfect choice for you.

The tour will start in the late afternoon when the weather is pleasant for a walk. You will have the chance to stroll on the 100-year-old bridge while watching the sunset and enjoying the fresh air from the river.

Our Chôm Chôm guide will lead you to a hidden place off the beaten path where you can take in the lush surroundings of a massive banana plantation and how local farmers wrap up their workday.

This one-hour tour is ideal for enjoying a relaxing afternoon filled with poetic views and tasty foods.


You are missing out if you visit Vietnam without experiencing a motorbike ride. It is all right if you have never driven a motorbike before; you can safely enjoy the Hanoi nightlife and atmosphere by sitting behind the back of our professional guides.

Our guides are foodie experts, so hanging out with them gives you the fantastic opportunity to experience all the flavourful food you can only get in Hanoi. Remember to come to the tour with an empty stomach since it promises a variety of delectable foods.

After enjoying the food, our Chôm Chôm guide will drive you to the biggest flower market, where you can see many beautiful flowers from Hanoi's flower villages and nearby provinces.

This location is also perfect for getting a glimpse of Hanoi's lively nightlife. In the bright electric light, the seller's greeting, the buyer's bargaining sounds and the noise of the vehicles coming in and out. Displaying the bustling atmosphere that Hanoi does not sleep.


This tour is super fun and educational, and Chôm Chôm Travel strongly recommends taking it with your children.

You and your kids will get the lovely opportunity to meet a well-known Vietnamese toy maker and learn how to create attractive toys or paper masks from recycled paper or thrown-away bamboo pieces.

This experience will raise your children's awareness of environmental protection, enhance their patience, and unfold their creativity.

Furthermore, your family can spend quality time together, and after the class, you can take home a highly eco-friendly and intriguing skill to share with your friends.


This tour is a call to all coffee lovers, particularly those who enjoy the unique specialty of Hanoi, egg coffee and coconut coffee.

For those who have never experienced these two coffees, this is the best experience to taste and learn how to make them. The class provides delicious coffee and a lot of fun while making them.

Knowing that you would miss the flavour of these coffees at home, you would not be able to find them anywhere. After the lesson, the recipes are provided so you can practise at home and make them for your loved ones to enjoy together.

All the tours mentioned above are suitable for children! Contact Chôm Chôm Travel; we are delighted and ready to organise our Hanoi tours for you and your family.

Let us go on an adventure and return home with many beautiful memories and new abilities!

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