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Kid ÁO is a charity project led by the ethical travel agency Chôm Chôm Travel based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, towards ethnical minorities in the Northern and Central Highland provinces of Vietnam.
Kid ÁO means children's clothing, and áo means clothing.
Camille and Nathalie are two volunteers residing in Vietnam who organise clothing collections in Ho Chi Minh City - relying on various local partners to promote, transport and distribute donations to less fortunate and remote regions of Vietnam.

Thanks to local guides from ethnic minorities from Chôm Chôm Travel, and with the support of NGOs established locally in Vietnam (e.g. EPVN), Kid ÁO ensures the follow-up of the distribution of the donations to populations in need.

Kid ÁO is willing to develop and diversify its actions towards educational and social projects, such as English lessons, providing support for women, etc. Kid ÁO charity is looking for volunteers interested in getting involved.

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