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Craft Villages


Villages of
Chuông and Canh Hoach

Thirty kilometres southwest of Hanoi, visit the charming rural village of Chuong with beautiful old houses and a bustling market in the courtyard of the communal house where villagers make conical hats. You will go to Mrs Tran Thi Hoa, a craftswoman, to observe her unique know-how. In Canh Hoach, the village of birdcages and the paper fan, you will meet Mrs Thứ. You will take part in a paper fan-making class and leave with a souvenir of this beautiful day. Exceptional 2 to 3-hour experience!

Highlights & Price:

  • Unique encounters

  • Local and English-speaking guide

  • Suitable for children

  • Manual activity

  • Lunch included

  • Transport included: by car from 2 adults and by motorcycle for a single traveller

  • 2.1 million VND/ per person

  • 1 million VND/ per child over 4 years old

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