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Craft Villages around Hanoi

Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam; therefore, it holds the soul of Vietnamese culture, including its traditional craft-making villages. Let's preserve the cherished values of the locals with Chôm Chôm Travel!

1. On the way to the heart of ancient Vietnam - Hanoi to Ninh Bình

While travelling from Hanoi to Ninh Bình with Chôm Chôm Travel, your family can have an unforgettable and interesting stop by exploring Chuông Village and Vác Village.


Chuông Village is a historic craft-making village renowned for its conical hats, boasting a history spanning over 300 years. . As you may know, conical hats, or Nón Lá, hold a great cultural significance and can be recognized everywhere you go. Unlike the Poem Conical Hat in Huế, conical hats from Chuông Village have a different story and history. Join us at Chôm Chôm Travel to meet our friendly local artisans, and embark on an enriching journey with your children and family to unveil the distinctive tales behind these hats and explore the diverse array of Nón Lá created here.

After an excellent time in Chuông Village, your family can walk to a neighbouring village , called Vác Village (or Canh Hoạch Village), where people make craft bird cages. Craft-making bird cages from this village are well known for their high quality and outstanding looks, therefore their products are popular across the country and also get exported all over the world. You and your kids will visit the communal house of the village,take a walk around it, and encounter the locals to learn about the process of making handcrafted birdcages. Besides, people of Vác Village also make craft hand paper fans which  used to be their outstanding products in the past. There is a hidden gem in the village where the family produces handcrafted horn fans. Let's join us to explore this wonderful craft village on the way to Ninh Bình!

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2. On the way to Mai Châu - A wonderland for family journey

As you journey to Mai Châu from Hanoi, consider making a brief stop to participate in a hand-fans-making workshop led by Chôm Chôm Travel's guide in Chàng Sơn Village with your family.


Chàng Sơn Village is about 30 km Southern away from Hanoi. It is famous for its handcrafted fans for many generations, which has amazed people across the country and abroad. There are a couple of exhibitions in Paris that brought the crafted fans from Chàng Sơn Village! But what makes their hand fans different from others? Chàng Sơn's fans are diverse in patterns, designs, and even usages. Thanks to the excellent skill of local artisans, their hand fans have got outstanding looks with the painting of Vietnam's landscapes, fairy tales, and poetic paintings. Therefore, the fans can be used daily, for special competition, festive occasions, and for decoration! Your family will have a walk around the village before embarking on the workshop to make daily use of handcrafted fans with our local artisan - Ms Tuấn, a former military woman.


  • These experiences are around 2-3 hours long.



  • Including French/English-speaking guide, transportation, workshop fee…

  • Excluding travel insurance, and souvenir: 

    • 2.1 million VND/adult

    • 1 million VND/child (over 4 years old)

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